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What are Yoga for Veterans Classes like?

Yoga for Veterans classes begin with a breathing practice that helps connect to the breath and tune in to what’s going on in the mind and body.

Students are then led through a series of postures.

Classes end with a short rest.

How should I prepare for my first Yoga for Veterans class?
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for a full range of motion and be prepared to be barefoot (or wear shoes that are for indoors only if necessary).
  • Feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you have one but we do have mats to use during class.
  • Eat only a light meal in the two hours before class begins.
  • Keep an open mind as you go through the class and remember that the goal isn’t to avoid mistakes but to learn.
How will I get there? Where will I park?

Yoga in ME is located on Route 236  in Eliot, Maine. Between the Shipyard Brew Pub and Maine Pet Supply. Directly behind the Cumberland Farms.  

Click here for directions.

Parking is free and easy! There is a large parking lot directly in front of the studio with plenty of parking spots. 

What if I have mobility issues?

Yoga in ME is an accessible facility. 

All postures are taught in a way that allows each student to choose a variation that feels good for their body. There will be chairs available for students that find it helpful not to have to get up and down off the floor.

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